All we need to achieve this goal is Water and Vision.

The world is overpopulated and billions live in poverty with an inadequate food supply.

At the same time, there is a steadily growing middle class who want a secure supply of quality food.

Australia has the capacity to earn billions of dollars in export revenue every year by becoming the world’s largest exporter of food and fibre.

All we need to achieve this goal is water and vision.

Throughout the twentieth century, visionaries such as Dr John Bradfield, builder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and engineer L.B.S Reid advocated the use of tropical water to increase the productivity of the Australian Inland but the politicians of the day did not take them seriously and their plans were never studied in detail.

Now it is clear that the rainfall of the tropics can be stored near the Gulf of Carpentaria and used to:

(a) open an extensive food and fibre bowl in the gulf country and the western black soil plains which would have excellent export potential through the ports of Karumba and Townsville and airport of Longreach.

(b) transfer surplus water to the source of the Darling River at Tambo, only a few hundred kilometres away.

Everald Compton AM                                              

The once mighty Darling River

The once mighty Darling River

Waltzing Matilda - The Combo Billabong

Waltzing Matilda – The Combo Billabong

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