Project Description – delivering surplus northern waters to the inland.

Given advances in engineering / scientific excellence and knowledge we will test the probability of:

sourcing waters (under an environmentally sensitive regime) from a selection of rivers flowing into the Gulf of Carpentaria, and from upper reaches of the Burdekin River during monsoonal wet season months,

storing these waters in existing or proposed dams and / or identified aquifers in the northern and central regions,

– extracting water from these storages for delivery via short channels and existing south flowing rivers, to proposed regional and local irrigation systems,

diverting surplus waters into two courses, one serving the Warrego and Darling Rivers and the other, inland rivers toward  Cooper Creek and the Channel Country,

– water directed down the Warrego and Darling Rivers is primarily intended to bring environmental flow relief to the Murray-Darling Basin

– establishing a new Australian food and fibre region in Central and Northern Queensland bounded by the townships of Hughenden and Richmond in the north, Tambo in the south, and centred around Longreach. The region is already serviced by road, rail and air connections while having dual seaport access.

– concurrently, to consider the development of other agricultural hubs in areas coinciding with the sourcing or flow of waters (eg. Gilbert River – Georgetown or  Mitchell River – Kowanyama Indigenous Community),

– developing flood mitigation detention holdings to meet the needs of any towns threatened by natural adverse events along inland rivers,

– utilising the reliable water source to return health and environmental flow to degraded rivers, regenerating a wildlife corridor stretching the length of inland Australia, while also stimulating native forest restoration and carbon farming practices within inland farming communities.

Some of Australia’s largest rivers (in length and volume flow) are located in North Queensland. On average, 173 million ML pa of river water in NE Queensland and the Gulf of Carpentaria goes to the sea.  (By comparison the volume of water in Sydney Harbour is 0.562 million ML)

Assessments have shown 1/3rd of Australia’s rivers are in extremely poor condition from land and water degradation, currently costing $3.5billion each year

Coastal Rivers

Coastal Rivers

Inland rivers

Inland rivers

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