Project Integrity – a defining time for balanced, responsible decision making.

Today, decision makers must respond to new levels of economic, social and environmental awareness within our communities.

The environmental harnessing and management of water for the consumption and well-being of future generations is at the heart of all balanced and responsible decision making.

Advances in technical expertise and knowledge are available to underpin these decisions.

A smart nation can prepare for but should not be caught reacting to ever increasing cycles in adverse climatic events.

Australia in the Asian Century, is presented with needs, responsibilities and importantly opportunities, both domestic and foreign.

Agriculture should not lose parity in its economic importance to the nation, domestically and internationally.

The nation is well overdue for a defining generational project binding both regional and coastal communities in a national landmark objective, directly and indirectly benefiting all.

River Red Gums along the Darling River

River Red Gums along the Darling River

Global demand for food is doubling every 30 years. Current indications are Australia’s population might double in 50 years.

“In 2008, the world experienced a food crisis that forced 100 million people into extreme poverty, living on less than US $1.25 / day.

 In 2009, 900 million people still lived without access to safe water.

Extreme weather and an increase in natural disasters are jeopardising the ability of poor communities to grow crops, access water, house and feed themselves.”  (World Vision)

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