Social Viability – guardians of the inLAND deserve reward.

We expect farming communities will welcome these proposals and our study will find individual farmers more attuned to best practices in water resource management and scientific advice than might first be anticipated.

We expect there will be considerable social change brought about by increased employment over a broad range of services, renewed focus on river health and local “ownership” of  “an environmental destiny”.

In some catchment shires it is hoped communities will be lifted beyond the current perception of being disadvantaged and there will be a positive opportunity for indigenous individuals and communities to be integrated into the project, particularly at the top end.

Connection with a broader international community will be enhanced through export trade.

New community amenities will accompany regional growth.

As a national landmark project it is hoped the initiatives will go some ways toward bridging the city – country divide.

The inland steeped in legend and connection

The inland steeped in legend, values and connection

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