Stakeholder Consultation – genuine collaboration for positive outcomes.

We have identified key stakeholders and water users who will have an interest, directly and indirectly, in these proposals:

(1) Far distant communities in northern river catchments where 38.8% of businesses are engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, agriculture being a challenging pursuit given poor soils.

(2) Indigenous communities and environmental groups.

(3) Existing local river catchment management groups.

(4) Shire and Regional Councils representing communities strategically located in the proposed food and fibre region.

(5) Farming communities and service centres bordering the river systems adopted for water flow.

(6) Regional lease-holders or owners of land along the water corridors.

(7) Representative Grower Organisations.

(8) Regional service industries and businesses.

(9) Coal or other mining interests.

(10) Government Departments and instrumentalities – National, State and Regional.

(11) The Murray Darling Basin Authority.

(12) Regional planners, professionals, scientists and academics.

(13) The voting population of Australia.

While this list may not be complete, it is proposed that key stakeholders will be consulted for their specific direct or indirect interest in the project as part of the approvals and planning process, during construction and eventual management / operations.

Guardians of the land, contributors to the national economy.

Guardians of the land, contributors to the national economy.

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1 Response to Stakeholder Consultation – genuine collaboration for positive outcomes.

  1. David Callander says:

    Surely the Federal Government aren’t that blind that they can’t see the benefits for both the country as a whole and if you like their own political careers (what they are more likely to care about). This is an awesome opportunity to not only create employment, have a sustainable and viable food and fibre industry, but to put this great country of ours at the top of the world economics. Make Australia the world leader, be recognised by the rest as the best.

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