Research and Development – let’s lead the world in tropical knowhow.

We believe the provision of water to the proposed food and fibre region will likely result in extensive research and development of new farming and production technologies.

These may include ethanol production and bi-products, protein drought support for the beef industry, carbon farming and offsets, tropical seed species, and even the conversion of water into Hydrogen for power generation.

Opportunity also exists for small community trial or pilot programs to be convened with each community empowered by participation and ownership. Programs might involve nutrient recycling, algae culture, water use efficiencies and recycling, natural sequence farming (farm settings), land care, river health restoration. Some successful programs could then be rolled out nationally.

The north is in a unique position to lead the world in tropical agricultural research, headed by the James Cook University in Townsville and the Longreach Agricultural College.

Channel Country waterway

Channel Country waterway

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