Proofing inland Australia against adverse climatic events.

The intent of this project is to facilitate the future proofing of inland Australia against adverse climatic events and cycles, as and when they occur.

Scientific reporting suggests the southern regions of Australia could experience a significant shift in climatic conditions over coming years.

Consistently changing climatic conditions are expected to impact on food production and farming communities in the southern states, with particular uncertainty surrounding Australia’s wheat belt and the South-West.

The Australian wheat and grain belt produces the nation’s dominant crop for export.

Arguably the prudent strategy is to plan for adverse impacts if and as they occur with water supply critical to this planning.

The Northern Australia Savannah country is considered to be the least adversely affected by changes in climate with a potential increase in rainfall and less dramatic temperature increases, an ideal location for sourcing water critical to the nation.

Farmland adjoining the Barcoo River

Farmland adjoining the Barcoo River

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